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I have been recently reminiscing on times spent in the past in China and East and Southeast Asia.  Aside from the vibrancy and creativity of cities such as Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai, the unexpected natural beauty in many regions, and the memorable food to be found on street corners, the region has a unique […]

So much of modern life consists of staring at screens. Studies find that today’s children are more distracted than past generations, a direct result of the amount of time they spend staring at screens (  Screens emit blue light. Medics admonish us to avoid blue-light emitting screens before bedtime. Late night scrolling on our phones […]

With our pressured modern lifestyles and too-easy availability of convenience foods I see around me in London SW5, I wonder how many of us realise the importance of gut health to overall well-being? Can Reiki be part of your gut’s fightback? I think so!

Being in a multicoloured environment and eating a multicoloured diet can be positively good for your wellbeing. Reiki has always recognised the centrality of colours, linking colours to chakras. Colours are ultimately about energies and frequencies, and so is Reiki.

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