Colour Me Good: Why colours are about more than just looking good

My last blog was on gut health and its link to Reiki.  Of course, the gut, digestion and nutrition are interlinked.  What is also striking to note is that in recent years, there is a growing consensus in nutrition that a multicoloured diet is good for you.  (; and  When I first visited the United States in the early 1990s, and being used to eating a diet with varied seasonal vegetables in varied colours, the American diet seemed colourless and when there were colours, they were too bright to be believed.

Interestingly, not only is eating a multicoloured diet good for you, but colours may have other effects on our well-being.  For example, some caregiving organisations are now emphasising that colours can have a role in addressing the quality of life for dementia patients.  Some studies suggest, for example, that blue has a calming effect on individuals, red has a warming effect, and pink may decrease aggressive tendencies in individuals with Alzheimer’s.

I’m glad that more attention is being paid to the role of the physical environment in caring for patients.  So many institutions such as hospitals, care homes, schools and the like are anything but colourful—if anything, they strive to be monochrome, drab, and colourless.  The emotional state of patients has not been much of a concern up to now, and if anything, the prospect of institutionalisation in a care home might be seen by many as almost akin to punishment.

Now, what’s interesting about colours (foods, clothes, building and general environments) is that every colour has a specific wavelength and a specific frequency on the electro-magnetic spectrum associated with it.  As it so happens, there is an association between chakras and colours in Reiki.  And many Reiki patients report seeing colours when they are receiving Reiki (as does the practitioner😊).  This is not surprising because Reiki is about energy flows and there is an association between colour, energy, and wave frequency.

The medical and caring professions are increasingly interested in areas such as gut health and the role of colours and environment.  This is perhaps a recognition that at a very deep level, energy flows and energy balances may have something to do with overall health, after all.  This is what Reiki recognises and it is also a recognition that can be found in some forms of traditional medicine. I do not suggest that Reiki, massage, Metamorphic Technique or any therapy I offer in Kensington and Chelsea is an alternative to allopathic medicine.  But Reiki and other “holistic” techniques may be based on important truths—such as the central role of energy—and can complement “mainstream” medicine.

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