Gut Health and Reiki: Have you got the guts?

Gut health and overall mental and physical health have been linked for centuries ( even if this connection has been ignored in modern medicine until recently.   The gut contains many more neurons than even the brain (, which must surely indicate that the gut is an extremely important part of our overall nervous and sympathetic systems.  In addition to evidence on the gut-brain link, medical studies now find a link between gut health and the autoimmune system: (

These findings of a profound link between the gut and the brain, and between gut health and overall health, would be unsurprising to practitioners or students of holistic and complementary health approaches.  As one study observes, “The digestive system has long been an area of critical importance within the Ayurvedic system and is only now being acknowledged by modern science as a key component in the regulation of physical and mental well-being.” (

So how does Reiki fit into this picture? I have been trying to understand and here are a few of my thoughts and musings.  Reiki is about energy rebalancing and traditional and complementary medical paradigms have always understood the role of energy imbalances, including in the gut, as core to health.  So, reducing energy imbalances should be good for overall health (i.e., correcting energy imbalances should also mean correcting “dis-ease.”)  Among its other benefits, Reiki certainly addresses inflammation and inflammation is a key culprit in driving autoimmune diseases (Inflammatory responses and inflammation-associated diseases in organs – PubMed ( Reiki reduces the key markers of inflammation, including very much in the gut (Reiki and the Impact on Digestive Health (  Reiki has been found to stimulate the growth of bacterial cultures, which also helps with gut health (This study finds that the well-being of your Reiki practitioner makes a difference too: In vitro effect of Reiki treatment on bacterial cultures: Role of experimental context and practitioner well-being. – Abstract – Europe PMC).

With our pressured modern lifestyles and too-easy availability of convenience foods I see around me in London SW5, I wonder how many of us realise the importance of gut health to overall well-being? Can Reiki be part of your gut’s fightback? I think so!

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