How was it for you? A first-time Reiki experience

I had a friend who had a Reiki session a few weeks ago, his first full Reiki session.  In his own words, this was his experience, and I think it might be worth sharing as there are many who might benefit from Reiki but are stopped by their own suspiciousness:


I was a bit of a reiki sceptic.  I do not understand how and why it works.  Therefore I tend to believe those who say it doesn’t work. Although Reiki has been used in hospitals and clinics to help with patient care and pain relief, there’s no hardcore scientific proof that it works.  There’s no controlled lab experiment, no randomised clinical trial, that has established its effectiveness at anything.

And yet I know many people who are hardly mystical or spiritual who have said it worked for them. In one case, I know of someone who taught themselves Reiki in their 70s and used it to manage the trauma and pain of terminal cancer for several years.

What if Reiki works for many people because it just does… should we then care about the scientific foundations? I recently had a Reiki session with Pierre and tried for myself.

I didn’t want to believe.  But I ended up believing that there’s something there.  I could feel a warmth from Pierre’s hands that equalled that of a candle.  I also fell asleep and dreamed soundly…even while being aware that I was undergoing a treatment.  Did I feel cured of all life’s worries? No.  But I did feel relaxed and at peace for a good few hours.  I also felt that my dreams were unusually intense, even though I was also not quite asleep.  It was like being able to maintain two different levels of consciousness.

So what did I conclude? I concluded that the sceptical should try it.  And try it with an open mind.  I think most of them will experience something therapeutic and maybe some people will experience something quite powerful.  Better yet, it doesn’t hurt or have side effects.  There is something to it.

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