'Simply transform yourself ...

from who you are

...to what you can be' 
The Metamorphic Association

What is the Metamorphic Technique?

It is a simple and gentle technique that can enable you to unshackle feelings of personal limitation (be they physical, mental or emotional) and to propel you towards embracing your own unique potential.

Whether we are conscious of them or not, we all have deeply ingrained attitudes and behavioural patterns that often hinder the way we approach and respond to events in our everyday life.

The Metamorphic Technique, derived from Reflexology through the work of well-known naturopath Robert St. John, was founded by Gaston Saint-Pierre in the late 1970s. 

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The theory behind this technique is that from the very moment of conception to gestation to one’s birth, both what we experience in the womb and throughout the birth process gets stored within the memory of every body cell as a blueprint for how we will later on interact with, and react to, the world around us.  

It is only when the structure of this blueprint is ‘loosened’ that we can therefore bring resolution to stuck prenatal patterns which are at the root of issues in our life and health.

We are then better equipped to move forward and find contentment or acceptance, go about changing the way we are doing things, shift habits of a lifetime that get us stuck, ie ultimately taking greater ownership of our life. 


Who can benefit from a session and…How often?

You might be drawn to the Metamorphic Technique in times of personal crisis, career changes, bereavement, divorce or illness.


You might then find you can cope better during these periods of difficult transition and can handle stress more effectively.


And for those of you who wish to make deep inner changes without having to intellectualise and over-analyse yourself, you might find sessions to be the perfect tool of self-empowerment as it is a ‘non talk’ technique and you do not have to share nor verbalise feelings and personal matters…

Men are very drawn to this technique for these particular reasons.

The Metamorphic Technique can be used by anyone – young or old, healthy or infirm. (Within the first few minutes of touching the feet, babies often go into a state of deep stillness with great attention and awareness seemingly focused within).

Many children suffering from chronic disabilities, learning or behavioural difficulties have been known to enjoy receiving sessions and they will usually let the practitioner know when they want the session to be over.


Pregnant women can receive sessions as often as they like as well and this technique can help create a safer environment for the baby to develop and can develop a great bond between the two.

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What is a session like?

A standard session is 60mns during which you might wish to talk or just relax and be in your own head space.


You can either lie down on a massage couch or on a sofa and you might be sitting on a chair for the last bit of the session when the practitioner gently touches your head.

A session may make you sleepy or may leave you feeling re-energised and raring to go and most of you will find sessions very relaxing and enjoyable.

Each session is unique and so is its outcome - as there is no way to predict how your life force and ‘inner authority’ are going to shift things within yourself and how/and what deep seated patterns will be released. 

Through a feather-light touch on the ‘spinal reflex’ parts of your feet, hands & head the practitioner provides a relaxing and safe environment where you can ‘just be,’ allowing free rein for your own inner-life force to get to work at its deepest and most fundamental level.


You are thus free to shed whatever behavioural pattern that no longer serves you to transform in the same way a caterpillar has the innate intelligence to alter and morph into the beautiful butterfly it is supposed to be. 

This non-invasive technique, a self-empowering tool for personal growth & transformation, stands alone for it is neither a therapy nor a treatment, nor is it a massage or healing.


There is no case history required and it does not aim to diagnose. It can be received on its own or alongside conventional or complementary approaches. 

These ‘spinal reflex’ areas have a direct correlation to the prenatal patterns as the spinal cord and nervous system are first to get formed in the embryo and as such,  are going to be the first sensors & captors of what goes on around us.