What is ReflexoReiki®?

It is a  unique combination of Facial and/or Foot Reflexology & Reiki which Shermine Boustany & I have both trademarked.

RR can help you address your conscious and subconscious needs whilst supporting your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

It is important to stress that RR is not a substitute for medical care but that it works alongside it and complements it to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

Key benefits of ReflexoReiki®

  • Deep relaxation relieving stress & anxiety

  • Hormonal rebalancing, and

  • Addressing issues of “letting go,” i.e., helping you to release mental & emotional blocks which may be holding you back in life.

And what is a RR session like?

You will be lying down on the table fully clothed.
Throughout the session, you might feel warmth or cold,
experience tingling sensations…depending on the energy
being released and shifting within Yourself.

Everyone experiences the session differently,
and no two sessions are ever the same.

The price of the sessions we offer varies between
£100 to £250 depending on the length of treatment

Besides practicing our own separate therapies, Shermine & I worked together for a number of years offering 4-hand Reiki sessions.

We also started teaching Reiki as a result of the interest expressed by some of their clients.

By working together very closely and always wanting to find ways to best address our clients’ varied needs, RR simply grew organically.

Many of us know that both Reiki and Reflexology received separately are powerful therapies in their own right but when offered simultaneously, they enhance one another to create a ‘1+ 1 = 3’ effect.

To quote our clients, RR provides a ‘safe and nurturing environment’ where they feel “cocooned, not judged and free to let go.” Often our clients say that they ‘come in with a problem and walk out with a solution!’

Although Shermine & I are very pleased with the outcome of our integrative therapy we realise RR is not an end in itself but perhaps more than anything, it acts as a catalyst:

Our sessions seem to encourage our clients EVEN MORE to be positive, to be open to change and to seek their own holistic wellness solution (be it through the added value of nutrition, exercise, yoga etc).

Advanced RR

For those of you looking for a more cosmetic experience, why not try our Advanced RR which takes RR to a new level with a strong cosmetic lifting of the face-a natural, botox-free procedure complemented with the restorative powers of Reiki?

Advanced RR may complement and maintain the benefits of botox or fillers procedures.

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