What is Reiki & who can benefit from it?

Reiki is a non-invasive energy therapy that strengthens and balances body, mind and spirit.

Used in conjunction with other therapies Reiki healing can be very effective in helping with ongoing pain due to chronic and acute illness or injury.

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The Metamorphic Technique

What is the Metamorphic Technique?

It is a simple, gentle touch-based technique that can enable you to unshackle feelings of personal limitation (be they physical, mental or emotional) and to propel you towards embracing your own unique potential.

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I believe massage therapy forms an integral part of one’s lifestyle.

Therefore I always encourage my patients and clients to consider massage – whether sports massage for the active or deep tissue massage for the stressed – not as a one-off indulgence but a long-term investment in their future, a vital part of their health maintenance regime, on par with exercising, sleeping & eating well.

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What is ReflexoReiki®?

It is a unique combination of Facial and/or Foot Reflexology & Reiki which Shermine Boustany & I have both trademarked.

RR can help you address your conscious and subconscious needs whilst supporting your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

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Reiki Courses

Learn Reiki with Pierre & Shermine.

A Reiki course in London SW5 (Kensington & Chelsea) devised for students who enjoy a small teaching environment.


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