A little bit about me

Originally from Lyon, France, my passion for experiencing new cultures from

the inside out first took me to the US where I graduated in Political Science, International Management & Chinese.

I worked in the corporate world for several years where I witnessed

first-hand the debilitating effects of continuous exposure to stress

and anxiety. 

This led me to eventually retrain as a Massage Therapist here in

London - whilst my travels to China in the mid ‘90s gave me the

opportunity then to train as a Reiki Master.

Over the years, I developed a strong desire to help alleviate people's

pain and nurture their wellbeing through the power of the human touch

and energy rebalancing work. 

Besides massage and Reiki, I now also offer Reflexoreiki® and the Metamorphic technique.

As with all complementary therapies, I always want to emphasise that there is no 'quick fix' and that all treatments and sessions have a cumulative effect. 

 Treatment prices start from £80

 'Treat yourself'

...or  someone you love 

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A few testimonials

The Metamorphic sessions with Pierre have  a very astonishing way of awakening certain memories according to the areas which are tapped by the fingers. Cumulative sessions have helped me getting a better understanding of different periods of my life that were still affecting me, on a subconscious level.  A very valuable experience!' 

Mary, London

'I benefited from several Reiki treatments by Pierre-Antoine which resulted in a feeling of deep relaxation - an experience of well-being after the relief of emotional tensions I was not aware of.  None of the sessions are ever alike but all had a benefit either right away or after a few hours or days. Over the years, I have felt more centered and in tune with my true soul. I am very thankful to his sensitive skills in passing through Reiki.' 

L, London

'Pierre is a gentle and  compassionate practitioner.  He would welcome you in a cosy atmosphere  and you would soon be deeply relaxed, enjoying his exquisite touch. His tapping felt like a piece of art, a piano player, where you finally find yourself refreshed, just as I did, really...This session appealed very much to my Japanese nature.' 

H.T., Tokyo

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