Reiki Courses

Our approach to teaching Reiki together grew organically from practicing 4-hand Reiki for a number of years.

It is thanks to some of our Reiki clients that we eventually embarked on a teaching journey together as we were both asked by our clients whether it would be possible to teach them how to practice Reiki.

Our students’ feedback of our small course is that they love​ the personal attention they receive and the sharing of their experiences without being intimidated by the presence of other students.

…Small attendance equals more time for you! 🙂

From our point of view, we find teaching together enriching as we continually bounce ideas off each other. We also love to share how versatile Reiki is and how inspiring it has been for us and how it could be for you.

There are many varieties of Reiki styles out there, mainly Western vs Eastern but at the end we believe that none is better, more powerful than the other. Whilst respecting the tradition and different branches of Reiki our aim is to make Reiki accessible so that people can embrace it with ease.

For further information please contact

Pierre on +44(0)78604 58653 or

Shermine on +44(0)7740 764611

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